Acne Face Map – What Are Your Breakouts Telling You?


acne face map

Nobody likes having an acne breakout. How often have you woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror and then experienced the despair and shock of seeing a huge zit on your previously flawless complexion.

It happens to all of us.

However, there might be more to your breakouts than you imagined. The location of your breakouts on your face might be telling you something. Knowing what they’re telling you could help to stop them happening for good.

With that in mind, here’s your acne face map – use it to find out what your breakouts have to say about your lifestyle.


If you’re experiencing acne around your hairline it could be a phenomenon called “pomade acne”. Often, these are caused by a build-up of beauty products.

Chemicals and oils in shampoos and conditioners as well as residue from make-up tends to accumulate on the surface of your skin, clogging up your pores and resulting in spots.

What you can do:

If you regularly experience acne around your hairline, there are a few things to try.

First, switch to a natural shampoo and conditioner then add a double cleanse into your skincare regime. First, remove all your make-up using an effective cleansing oil. Next, use a high-quality cleanser to cleanse your face even more deeply.

By cleaning the skin around your hairline twice, all the residue will definitely be removed from the pores of your skin.


The forehead is linked with the nervous and digestive systems and this makes this particular area of your face more susceptible to breakouts relating to stress and poor diet.

If spots are regularly breaking out in this area, you could be struggling to digest particular foods. You may also be suffering from a liver problem or irregular sleep patterns.

Other causes of spots in this area, and especially between the eyebrows, is greasy and fatty food. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause breakouts in this area, and if you regularly spot zits here after a big night out, this could be the reason why.

What you can do:

You can minimize the problem of forehead pimples by switching to healthier diet.

If your diet is over-heavy with unhealthy greasy and fatty foods, switch to eating more fruit and vegetables and stick to grilled and baked foods rather than fried ones.

Eat less sugar as well as less processed foods and make sure to drink sufficient water so that you stay well-hydrated.

Whenever possible try to get your full 8 hours’ sleep every night and cut down on your alcohol intake.

Papaya, bromelain and bitter herbs are useful additions to your diet, and if you include them before every meal you may find that your digestive system can break down foods more easily.

Try including more onions and garlic in your daily diet and drink dandelion tea or hot water and lemon every morning as this too may clear your digestive system.

If you have any especially troublesome areas, applying a salicylic acid and tea tree oil skin treatment will help to shrink large pores to create a clearer complexion.

skin imperfections


A major cause of acne on the cheeks is bacteria from your pillowcase and cell phone.

It may sound strange, but think about it – over the course of the average day, your cell phone will accumulate bacteria which is very bad for your skin. Wiping it regularly is absolutely essential – just because it appears to be clean doesn’t mean that it is!

Pillowcases too are bacteria magnets. This is why pillowcases are often responsible for a form of acne known as “acne mechanica”, which is caused by materials touching the face. Oil and dirt are transferred over time to the skin, clogging your pores and resulting in blemishes.

Another cause could be polluted air in city environments or allergies which are affecting your respiratory system.

This is especially the case if you talk on the phone regularly, transferring germs from your mouth to your phone and then onto your skin.

Also, acne on the cheeks could be a sign that you’re eating excessive amounts of sugar.

What you can do:

Minimizing acne on the cheeks can be achieved in several ways.

Firstly, always choose pillowcases which are made from natural fabrics, and take care to launder your pillowcases every couple of days so both they and your facial skin will stay clean and bacteria free.

If pollution in the air is the problem, adding some houseplants to your home could make a big difference. Plants remove contaminants from the air, leaving it cleaner and healthier.

Make sure to take the time to wash your facial skin thoroughly before you go to bed to make sure that all trace contaminants are removed before sleeping.

If you think excess sugar in your diet could be the problem, cut back on the amount you consume for a couple of days to see if you notice the difference.

Chin & Jaw

The jawline and chin are two very common areas for breakouts to occur, however the culprit could be your hormones.

Hormonal acne is a result of excessive hormones because of pregnancy, menstruation or high levels of androgen.

Fluctuations in hormone levels cause excessive production of oil, inflammation and clogged up skin cells as well as excessive production of bacteria.

During puberty, acne usually appears across the T-zone, but in adults, hormonal acne usually forms along the jawline and chin.

What you can do:

To minimize acne breakouts on the jawline and chin, you may want to try eliminating dairy products from your diet and adding some probiotics instead. This could calm down the inflammation while reducing the number of hormones you intake which could result in pimples.

If you’re experiencing more spots in this area around your period, try paying more attention to your skincare regime at this time of the month. Try to include more foods in your diet which are known to regulate the natural hormonal cycle.

Targeting the affected area with a skincare product which is infused with whole seeds and plants which are high in natural antioxidants and phytoestrogens could also improve the appearance of your problem skin.

Another thing to watch out for is resting your chin on your hands if you’re tired or bored – this transfers oil from your hands onto the chin, and this can result in pimples.

Final Thoughts

Although breakouts are never any fun, knowing the possible reasons why they are occurring could be the key to resolving your problem for good.

This acne face map will help you to pinpoint to possible causes of your problem skin so you can take steps to address the issues which are causing your spots and zits.


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