Best Acne Light Therapy Devices That Actually Work

Light therapy is a form of treatment which can be used to help improve certain conditions which occur on or just below the surface of the skin. It is therefore sometimes recommended to treat acne.

Light therapy uses a non-laser light source which helps in some measure to prevent pustules and papules which are associated with acne.

Since it is a completely painless procedure and has minimal side-effects it is often a popular choice among acne sufferers who are looking for an alternative solution to help them achieve clearer skin either in their doctor’s office or even in the comfort of their own home.

What is light therapy and what does it do for acne?

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Light therapy for acne is a fairly quick process and when carried out in your doctor’s office will be performed as an outpatient treatment.

The treatment is carried out in a dark room and you will need to wear goggles to ensure your eyes are protected. Light is then applied to the skin.

A treatment session could last up to 90 minutes and it can even be done at home with a DIY light therapy device.

Light therapy works because whenever light shines on your skin, it starts to penetrate through the different skin layers. When it does this, it kills some of the bacteria that cause acne and reduce the inflammation and excess sebum production which result in acne.

As a result, light therapy can help to reduce the appearance of pimples and pustules which are characteristic of this skin condition.

Best Light Therapy Devices in 2020

1. NuDerma Wand


The NuDerma skin therapy wand is a complete system to help you care for your skin. It works by supercharging your body’s ATP synthesis which helps to slow down, stop and even reverse the signs of aging.

This therapy wand doesn’t just help to produce firmer and younger-looking skin, it also helps to rapidly treat acne and its resulting scars.

The result is a better skin profile with fewer fine lines and wrinkles and less pimples and blemishes.

The NuDerma therapy wand produces 10W of power and 50-60Hz high frequency waves. While it is a completely painless device to use, it boosts your circulation effectively and helps more collagen to be produced to plump up the skin cells.

There are several tube supplies with this device including the Bent Tube which is ideal for spot acne treatments. It has been shown to reduce pimples up to 90% over only 24 hours since it can heal the viruses and bacteria which cause pimples under your skin.

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2. Neutrogena Face Mask


Utilizing dermatologist approved acne technology, this light therapy face mask from the popular and well-respected Neutrogena brand is ideal for resolving all your acne problems.

Harnessing all the power of light technology, it helps the skin to heal, clearing your acne effectively.

Even suitable for use on the most sensitive skin, this mask uses blue light to target the bacteria which causes acne while the red light helps to reduce the inflammation caused by acne.

It is a single-step treatment which covers the whole face and which is ideal for home use. The entire treatment only takes 10 minutes to work and it results in healthier and clearer skin without any harmful UV rays or chemicals.

Safe for both your eyes and skin, this face mask is very simple to use and even comes with a 100% money back guarantee to give you complete peace of mind in your purchase.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

While there are many positive blue light therapy reviews, there are side effects to bear in mind.

Straight after light therapy treatments, your face may be tender, swollen and red. However there aren’t any long-term significant side effects of having light therapy for acne and there should be no chance of any scarring.

There are a few people who should avoid light therapy, however. People who suffer from porphyria or who are allergic to porphyrins should not have this treatment and lupus sufferers should also avoid light therapy.

Final Thoughts

Light therapy can be an effective treatment for acne, helping to kill the bacteria and viruses which cause acne pustules and pimples to form on the skin.

Since it is easy to apply to the skin and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, it’s a convenient solution for any acne sufferer who is looking for an alternative to medications or strong face creams.

It also produces no significant side effects, which make it an excellent choice for acne sufferers of all ages.